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Albanian Ambassador thanked Czech Republic fire fighters


Prague, 09 August 2021 (TDI): Albanian Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Ilirian Kuka thanked the President of Police of the Czech Republic, Jan Švejdar for responding urgently and providing help with the forest fires.

Wildfires continue to destroy various regions of the Mediterranean and the Western Balkans in Southern Europe. The European Commission is rapidly mobilizing support to help countries limit the spread of fires and protect lives and livelihoods. The Czech Republic responded in a timely manner and sent a multipurpose helicopter with the necessary tools to fight the wildfires in Albania.

European Union Civil Protection Mechanism played a significant role in mobilizing support and help. It ensures that every EU country or a member state of the mechanism indulges in helping at the time of crises and emergencies. Albanian ambassadors stated that the Czech Pilots are doing a great job and helping to fight the fire. He also asserted that together we are strong, and appreciated the good gesture of friendship.

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