Afghanistan received China’s batch of aid

Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan, Wang Yu meeting with representatives Afghan Taliban government.

Kabul, 29 September 2021 (TDI): The donation that was announced by China in the Foreign Ministers meeting of Afghanistan’s neighboring countries reached Kabul on Wednesday. The Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan, Wang Yu reiterated in the meeting with the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan, Mulwai Amir Khan Mutaqqi on 26 September 2021, that the aid to Kabul will reach in few days. The donation mainly includes warm materials such as blankets and cotton clothes. 

In the meeting, both sides discussed current challenges to the new Afghan government and regional stability matters. Wang Yu said that the China government has determined to speed up the process of providing financial aid of 200 million Yuan to Afghanistan as well as the China government continually persuaded the International community to end economic sanctions on Kabul. 

According to the spokesperson of the Afghan Foreign Ministry, Abdul Qayum Balki the Chinese Ambassador emphasized strengthening the bilateral relations between two countries and essentially Afghanistan needs humanitarian assistance to regulate the country. Both countries need to enhance their trading cooperation on the forefront to recover the current Afghan government from the economic crisis and it also helps them to bring stability to the region. In addition, the nearly 9.5 million $ of Afghan assets have been frozen due to that severe economic condition 90% of Afghan people would go below the line of poverty.