Sichuan, 18 November 2022 (TDI): Zonergy Corporation upgraded and updated its official website ( and created a new “Zonergy Cloud” platform in order to better serve our international clients and partners.

The official website, which includes a fully integrated introduction to solar storage products, product videos, technical support, solutions, and other content, was launched on November 16th.

Chinese, English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Hungarian, Russian, Urdu, Arabic, Turkish, Polish, Thai, & Japanese are just a few of the 15 languages it can support freely switching between at once.

This effectively supports the execution of Zonergy’s globalization strategy. The new official website for “Zonergy Cloud” uses a “simple, convenient, and visible” design concept.

It makes it simple to access product details, solutions, and the most recent Zonergy news. Brand-new installation and product videos have also been made available online for the first time.

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The “Zonergy cloud” website, which consists of the following six sections: About Us, Products, Service and Support, Solution, News, and Contact Us, is devoted to offering better product display and online services for international users and partners.

This results in a more user-friendly, practical, and accurate browsing experience for visitors. “Zonergy Cloud” has established a number of communication channels, such as a service hotline, online communication, social media, and so forth.

The aim to establish these channels is to highlight the idea of putting the customer first, strengthen interactions, & realize the mode of online one-click communication to give visitors, distributors, partners, & customers around the world a better access experience.

The website’s content will be constantly improved by Zonergy, as well as user experience. Zonergy will rely on its current competitive advantages to accelerate the implementation of its globalization strategy.

Zonergy is a leading provider of integrated smart microgrid solutions. The official debut of the brand-new “Zonergy Cloud” will also give Zonergy’s international market expansion, customer services, and support strong support.

In order to contribute to the global zero-carbon process, Zonergy will stop at nothing! Visit the official website at