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Yemen’s Foreign Minister calls Secretary-General of UN


Aden, 13 October 2021 (TDI): The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Affairs of Yemen, Dr. Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak updated the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, about the terrible circumstances in the Marib Governorate. The Governorate has been recently targeted by the Houthis.

The Houthi onslaught has besieged the district of Al-Abdiya for twenty days. Yemen has been facing a disastrous humanitarian crisis because of the intransigence of the Houthi militia. The siege imposed by them has affected approximately 35000 civilians, including women and children. It has obstructed the supply of medicine, food, and water. The militia has been targeting schools, hospitals, and the village.

Bin Mubarak apprised Antonio Guterres of the prevalent situation in his call. He underscored the need for intervention by the United Nations and the international community. It is paramount to restore peace for the sake of the civilian populace. The world needs to put stop to the war crimes committed by the Houthis.

Previously, Bin Mubarak also addressed the Non-Alignment Movement states on the rampant unrest in Yemen. The Yemeni Foreign Minister and President have conveyed this fact many times on different international and regional forums.

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