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World Blood Donor Day 2021-Give blood and keep the world beating


Each year, World Blood Donor Day takes place on 14th June. The purpose of this day is to create global awareness regarding the need for safe blood, blood products for transfusion, and the significant contribution of voluntary blood donors to national healthcare systems. The day provides an opportunity for governments to work towards the provision of ample resources and employ systems and infrastructures to aid the process of collection of blood.

Safe blood, blood products, and blood transfusion are undoubtedly an integral part of public care and health systems. It is a fact that the need for blood is universal but access to it is not. Blood shortages are a problem mostly in developing countries. To make sure that people in need of safe blood have access to it, countries require unpaid donors who donate regularly.

Host for World Blood Donor Day 2021

This year, Italy is hosting World Blood Donor Day through its National Blood Centre. This global event is taking place in Rome, today.

Blood Donors Campaign 2021

The slogan for this year’s World Blood Donor Day is ‘Give blood and keep the world beating’. This message sheds light on the indispensable contributions of blood donors in improving others’ health and saving lives. At the same time, it calls on people on a global scale to make this significant contribution. The main focus of this year’s campaign is motivating young people in ensuring a safe blood supply. Young people are full of creativity, idealism, and motivation which is evident by the fact that the youth in many countries has maintained the frontal position in initiatives centered on achieving a safe blood supply through non-remunerated and voluntary blood donations. The definite objectives of this year’s campaign include:

  • Expression of gratitude to blood donors and create more awareness regarding the need for regular unpaid donations
  • Promotion of community ethics surrounding blood donation to enhance the solidarity of communities
  • Encouragement towards young people to donate blood and inspire others to do so as well
  • Celebration of the contribution of the youth in promoting health
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