Melbourne, 27 June 2023 (TDI): The 60th Parliament of Victoria has witnessed a historic moment with the establishment of the largest-ever Victoria-Pakistan Friendship Group. This cross-party initiative highlights the growing cooperation and friendship between Pakistan and the State of Victoria. It comprises 34 members from both the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council.

The Friendship Group, jointly led by Jordan Crugnale, MP (Australian Labour Party), and Sam Groth, MP (Liberal Party of Australia), comprises a varied and influential assembly of parliamentarians dedicated to fortifying the bilateral relations between Pakistan and Victoria.

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The establishment of this Friendship Group signifies the deepening cooperation between Pakistan and the State of Victoria across various sectors, including trade, education, agriculture, and sports. Recognizing the significance of the bilateral relationship, Pakistan has opened a Consulate General in Melbourne and appointed an Honorary Trade and Investment Counsellor for Victoria.

High Commissioner Zahid Hafeez Chaudhry expressed his appreciation to the esteemed members of the Parliamentary Friendship Group. He also recognized their dedication to enhancing Pakistan and Victoria’s amicable and cooperative relations.

He praised the substantial involvement of various parliamentarians, including Ministers and Shadow Ministers. This involvement serves as evidence of the increasing collaboration between the two entities.

The High Commissioner emphasized the immense value brought by the Pakistani diaspora, consisting of more than 25,000 individuals, in bridging Pakistan and the State of Victoria. Their active involvement has facilitated cultural exchange, stimulated economic growth, and fostered mutual understanding between the two regions.

Additionally, High Commissioner Chaudhry extended his gratitude to Consul General Moazzam Ali Shah. He also expressed his appreciation for Honorary Trade and Investment Counsellor Adam Sadiqzai. He also expressed appreciation for the unwavering commitment of the Pakistani diaspora in establishing the Parliamentary Friendship Group.

This landmark development follows the establishment of the largest-ever Australia-Pakistan Friendship Group in the 47th Parliament of Australia after the General Elections held in May 2022.

The continued growth of cooperation between Pakistan and Victoria is a testament to their shared commitment. This commitment is focused on building enduring relations and exploring new avenues of collaboration between the two entities.

As the Victoria-Pakistan Friendship Group commences its activities, it is expected to catalyze dialogue and cooperation, fostering mutual benefits. These efforts will further strengthen the bond between Pakistan and the State of Victoria.