Washington, 23 August 2023 (TDI): Laulauga Tausaga-Collins a Hawaii-born American won a gold medal for the US in the women’s disc category at the 2023 World Athletic Championships held in Budapest, Hungary on August 22, 2023.

Collins won the gold medal with a huge throw of 69.49 meters which is her personal best and four meters more than her previous personal best.

Collins’s nearly 70-meter throw led the United States to its first gold medal in the women’s discus championship.

Collins expressed her astonishment and her overwhelming experience at her achievement.

She conveyed through a local news channel how the significance of her accomplishment is so profound that she cannot put it into words at the moment.

Additionally, she expressed her experience to be incredibly amazing.

After her remarkable win, Collins thanked her fans for their support through social media. She also expressed her gratitude through reposting messages of congratulations from her fans and loved ones.

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Collin’s fellow American athlete Valarie came in second place and won a silver medal with a throw of about 69.2 meters and Chinese athlete Feng Bin won a bronze medal.

Tausaga Collin was initially placed in volleyball, then basketball, Collin was also suggested track but she hated running.

Collin was then introduced to discus, where she loved the idea of throwing a steel ball without running and her talent bloomed when she entered the University of Iowa.

Collin competed in the Tokyo Olympics where she ranked third, she also won the National College Athletic Association title.

Collin also suffered a back injury leading in her career but in July’s US Track and Field Outdoor Championship, she threw her personal best.

Collin went through extraordinary training and practice and was confident in the 2023 World Athletic Championships.