Islamabad, 22 August 2023 (TDI): Dr Bakhtawar Khalid Kayani has been selected as the first Asian blind woman archer to raise the Pakistan flag at the World Games 2023, which will begin on August 24 at the University of Birmingham place.

Though archery has only recently taken root in Pakistan, gaining progress in the realm of archery for the blind is a noteworthy feat in many aspects.

Pakistan Archery Federation Secretary Zulfikar Butt fully admired Bakhtawar, whose participation in the Games would establish new patterns for the country’s sports.


He also said that it was not easy to overcome all of the obstacles in order to earn the honour of representing the country at the World Games. Although, he said, credit goes to Bakhtawar and her family for ensuring her participation.

The World Games, organized by the International Blind Sports Association, would be Bakhtawar’s first opportunity to compete in an arena where she may achieve honours for her country in the months and years ahead.

Bakhtawar got a silver medal with three distinctions as a young dentistry student, demonstrating her intellectual prowess.

Even though she was in her second year of dental school, her life took an unexpected turn when she began to lose her vision due to Retinitis Pigmentosa.

She is now getting an MBA in hospital services management while working at a private hospital. Bakhtawar discovered a renewed enthusiasm for archery while in her professional career.

She believed that “if she can do it, anyone can” which became the motivating reason behind her desire to take her passion to an international level, eventually representing Pakistan.

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Bakhtawar’s ambitions were supported by significant organisations such as the Al-Shifa Foundation of North America, Youth Impact, and other individual donations.

These socially aware organisations see the potential for good societal influence in developing high-potential individuals like Bakhtawar.

Dr Bakhtawar Khalid stands not just as an athlete but also as an expression of courage, dedication, and the human spirit when the World Games 2023 take place in Birmingham.

Her path serves as an example to people all across the world, demonstrating the power of tenacity in overcoming obstacles and making aspirations a reality.