Washington, 31 October 2023 (TDI): Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US, Masood Khan, received a visiting group of 15 mid-career Pakistani professionals from the public and private sectors under the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program to pursue studies in various disciplines at leading American universities on October 30.

The fellowship bears the name of the late Humphrey, who followed an extended career in politics to serve as US vice president from 1965 to 1969.

Ambassador Masood Khan expressed optimism during the meeting that they would “hone their skills for better service delivery” as a result of the fellowship program that brought them to the United States.

The program brings in mid-career professionals from developing nations for a year of study and work experience.

The renowned Fulbright exchange program selects fellows based on their dedication to public service and their aptitude for national leadership. The program has chosen 17 experts from Pakistan this year.

Regarding ties between Pakistan and the United States, the Ambassador stated that both nations have reevaluated their relationship during the withdrawal phase.

They have been working to deepen their collaboration in important domains including energy, trade and investment, trade, agriculture, health, and education.

“There are long-standing educational ties between Pakistan and the United States, and both nations are working together to strengthen these ties with more exchanges,” he said.

“Building networks and learning new technologies through immersion would be a good way to bring professionals from the two countries closer together,” he added.

In order to enhance service delivery, the ambassador advised public sector professionals to closely monitor, research, and understand the best practices used by US public sector organizations.

Furthermore, Ambassador Masood Khan addressed the group during their tour, saying, “It is a great opportunity for Pakistani professionals and students to visit the US and benefit from globally recognized centers of learning and hone their skills for better service delivery.”

“The US and Pakistan have long-standing educational ties, and both nations are working together to strengthen these ties with more frequent exchanges.”

Speaking about US-Pakistan collaboration in the health field, the Ambassador said Pakistan anticipated gaining from US know-how in strong disease monitoring and vaccine development to combat pandemics in the future.

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Moreover, he encouraged the visiting fellows to establish networks with their counterparts in order to share knowledge and foster mutual learning.

“You represent Pakistan as Ambassadors. Assist in presenting an accurate picture of the nation and contribute to the creation of new professional connections between the two nations.”

At the end, the Ambassador wished the visiting experts a productive stay in the United States.