Islamabad, 7 September 2023 (TDI): U.S. Deputy Chief of Mission Andrew Schofer, alongside the U.S.-Pakistan Women’s Council(USPWC) and Paklaunch, announced the winners of the USPWC-Paklaunch Women’s Economic Accelerator startup competition.

This celebration of women entrepreneurs took place at Islamabad’s National Science and Technology Park, recognizing their remarkable innovation and dedication

The competition saw over 1,000 women-led startups vying for 50 coveted slots. Later 15 finalists were selected to present their groundbreaking ideas.

The distinguished panel of judges also included Paklaunch founder Aly Fahd and 500 Global Chief Operating Officer Courtney Powell.

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These startups showcased innovative solutions addressing real-life issues faced by Pakistanis. It demonstrated the immense potential of Pakistan’s entrepreneurial sector.

The competition’s winner innovators, Arooba Tayab, Aiman Khan, and Romana Rafi, showcased projects ranging from B2B eProcurement revolution to life-changing solutions and the promotion of coding as a creative language.

These winners will benefit from one-on-one mentorship through Paklaunch and Amazon Web Services (AWS), gaining exposure to potential clients and investors.

In his address at the USPWC-Paklaunch Women’s Economic Accelerator startup competition, U.S. Deputy Chief of Mission Andrew Schofer commended women entrepreneurs in Pakistan, emphasizing their vital role in the country’s future.

He said that, Today’s finalists have brought incredible innovation, courage, and creativity to this competition, with pitches that respond to real-life issues facing Pakistanis.”

Moreover he stressed the need for inclusive economic growth, highlighting Pakistan’s potential and the importance of entrepreneurship.

Schofer also acknowledged the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and called for supportive policies to facilitate innovation.

He concluded by thanking the organizers and extending his congratulations to the finalists, underscoring their significant contributions to Pakistan’s entrepreneurial landscape.

Notably, since 2012, the U.S. Mission to Pakistan has invested $14.7 million in over 181 entrepreneurship-related projects, further emphasizing their commitment to this cause.