Islamabad, 7 September 2023 (TDI): Ethan Sun, CEO of Huawei Pakistan, called on the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar, on September 6, to share ongoing and potential collaborations to develop the ICT ecosystem and digital economy in Pakistan.

In the meeting, Ethan Sun stated to the Prime Minister that the company expressed keen interest in investing in Pakistan’s Information Technology (IT) sector, a sentiment that the Prime Minister accepted.

CEO Huawei also briefed the session on Huawei’s efforts towards fostering and advancing the ecosystem for information technology in Pakistan.

Moreover, Huawei has set up about 100 information technology centers in different universities in Pakistan, according to the official release.

The prime minister commended Huawei for its efforts in advancing information technology within the nation.

He expressed optimism that the company would collaborate with the government in educating young people and women, particularly those residing in remote regions, in the realm of information technology.

He also invited Huawei to set up plants for the production of mobile handsets.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister and Huawei discussed the need to empower local partners and leverage Huawei’s expertise in 5G, cloud computing, and other advanced technologies.

They investigated ways to efficiently implement these technologies and exchange successful strategies, to expedite the digital transformation of diverse sectors and industries in Pakistan.

This initiative also sought to tap into the skills and expertise of the local ICT community.

The Prime Minister stressed that technological progress and expanded ICT prospects for young people and women can pave the way for a more promising future for Pakistan.

Although, Ethan Sun highlighted Huawei’s commitment to innovation and its global vision, underscoring the establishment of the Global Service Centre (GSC) R&D in Pakistan, which currently employs over 2000 professionals.

He also emphasized Huawei’s commitment to developing ICT talent, fostering innovation, and promoting technology development.

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He conveyed his appreciation for the outstanding abilities of Pakistani engineers and acknowledged the untapped potential within the youth to play a significant role in Huawei’s initiatives and global connectivity endeavors.

Caretaker Minister for Information Technology Dr. Umar Saif was also present at the meeting.

Dr. Umar Saif praised Huawei Pakistan’s established commitment to investing in the local market and its support for the government’s initiatives to provide options and development platforms for young Pakistanis.

Furthermore, he also emphasized the importance of sustainable development in Pakistan’s ICT industry.