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USAID statement on Executive order in Ethiopian Crisis


Washington, 18 September 2021 (TDI): On 17th-September 2021, USAID Administrator Samantha Power issued her statement on the Executive order for the crisis in Ethiopia. The Executive order is signed by Joe Biden, President of the United States, on 17th-September 2021.

Executive Order gave the United States the power to permit Sanctions on the violators of Human Rights. Additionally, The United States can target anyone responsible for the actions that promote conflict in Northern Ethiopia.

Samantha Power, the USAID Administrator, in her statement talks about the severity of the crisis unfolding in Ethiopia. Furthermore addressing the catastrophes, She mentioned that over 5 million people in Northern Ethiopia require humanitarian assistance.

Applauding the Executive order, Samantha Power mentioned will provide power against the obstructers of law and those causing havoc in Ethiopia.

Also, she addressed the EO as leverage against those who hinder the humanitarian process or violate human rights.

USAID Administrator Samantha Power, in the statement, appealed to the parties to work towards a ceasefire. She also advocated a smooth process of humanitarian aid for the people of Ethiopia and the punishment for the Violators to preserve the unity of Ethiopia. The human rights violations and the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ethiopia must come to an end, USAID administrator further added.

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