Islamabad, 29 December 2021 (TDI): The United States of America’s Agency on International Development (USAID), and Pakistan collaborated to fight against the global pandemic.

Earlier in 2021, when the third wave of Pandemic came to Pakistan, it affected a great number of the population. Due to little access to medical facilities, the government of Pakistan saw an increase in the Covid-19 cases.

They were unable to detect some of the Covid affected people and this served as a reason for the increase in the spread of the pandemic.

Therefore, to protect its people and to ensure health security the government of Pakistan collaborated with the USAID to control the situation.

Both designed a strategy to build Command and Control Health Centres across the four provinces of Pakistan to counter the threat and spread of Covid-19.

The establishment of these centres helped Pakistan to conduct tests and detect Covid cases efficiently. New quarantine facilities were established to accommodate the people who were in contact with the Covid affected people but didn’t show any symptoms.

These efforts helped Pakistan in countering the third wave of the Pandemic efficiently. Moreover, USAID also provided funding to Pakistan for the establishment of the biggest storage unit in Pakistan.

This storage unit could store a massive amount of Covid vaccines. This helped Pakistan in continuing and completing its immunization program as well.

Collaboration between USA and Pakistan 

The USA and Pakistan have been collaborating in various areas of social development. Being a democratic state it is vital to think about your people, therefore social development is really important. The USA helped Pakistan in providing health security to its people during the pandemic.

The USA has donated millions of vaccines to the government of Pakistan to help it in its Immunization Program. It is also facilitating Pakistan in empowering women and small businesses.