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USAID Announces 37 Million Dollars Donation to the ECW Global Fund


Washington, 29 September 2021 (TDI): The United States Department of State Spokesperson, Edward Price, shared that the donation of 37 million dollars to the “Education Cannot Wait (ECW) Global Fund” was announced by the USAID administrator on 28 September.

The contribution is to support ECW in ensuring that the children and youth in unstable countries have access to education services. Edward Price reaffirmed the support of the United States to Education, particularly in the crisis and conflict zone areas of the world. He stated that the US has been a proud supporter, advocate, and contributor to the ECW fund since its creation in 2016.

Price mentioned that this donation has been the largest by the US. He also referred to the total contribution made by the US to more than 77 million dollars. The US commended ECW on its progress, achievements, and work to bring quality education to children that need it the most; and responding to the call to address the widening education inequality. The reason for this inequality, according to Price, is the increased number, duration, and intensity of crises.

The US pledges to continue working with the ECW to build humanitarian and development coherence, improve learning outcomes, reach girls, gender, sexual minorities, and children with other abilities. The objective of this is to let all children reach their potential. Price remarked that the US’s top priority is to provide safe and quality education to youth in crisis.



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