Kyiv, 28 February 2023 (TDI): The Secretary of Treasury of the United States (US), Janet Yellen recently visited Kyiv to affirm the country’s unwavering commitment.

This visit to Kyiv marked an important milestone in bilateral relations. Moreover, it also demonstrated America’s unwavering commitment to Ukraine and its people.

During her visit, the Secretary of Treasury first discussed ways in which the US can continue to provide assistance including economic aid.

Secondly, she also paid tribute to the Ukrainian people for their courage and resilience in the face of Russia’s unprovoked invasion a year ago.

Economic aid to Ukraine

During their meeting in Kyiv, US Secretary of Treasury Yellen and US Ambassador to Ukraine, Bridget Brink discussed the details of US economic assistance to war-impacted the country.

Moreover, they discussed how US economic aid can best be used to support Ukraine’s economic development and bolster its security.

Certainly, economic assistance is an important part of US support to Ukraine. Thus, the US has provided more than $9.9 billion in additional direct budget support to help pay teachers, emergency workers, and other essential staff.

Additionally, the US has imposed new sanctions and other measures to degrade Russia’s ability to wage this war and support its proxies in the eastern part of the country.

The US government has further highlighted the importance of economic assistance to Ukraine by emphasizing the need to implement reforms. These reforms will aim at strengthening its economy, promoting good governance, and reducing corruption.

Apart from the economic assistance, US Secretary and Ambassador Brink discussed ways to further support Ukraine.

This included helping the country strengthen its democratic institutions and protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as promoting rule of law reforms, anti-corruption efforts, and economic growth.

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Moreover, the two also discussed additional measures to strengthen Ukraine’s defense capability and energy security, to ensure that Ukraine can secure its future for generations to come.

This involved providing military assistance, as well as technical assistance and training to strengthen Ukraine’s security forces.

It will help Ukraine pursue energy reforms, increase its energy efficiency, and help it transition away from reliance on Russian energy sources.

The US also agreed to continue to support Ukraine’s efforts in implementing the rule of law and human rights protections, become a reliable partner in global security, and protect its vulnerable populations.

For the record, Cooperation between the US and Ukraine has long been a bulwark of regional security and progress in Europe.

In short, The US is committed to providing strong diplomatic, economic, and military support to Ukraine, and will continue to work to strengthen the two countries bilateral relationship.

Today’s meeting between US Secretary and US Ambassador to Ukraine was a testament to the US’ staunch and continued support for Ukraine.

At the conclusion of their remarks, both leaders ensured to preserve the sovereignty of Ukraine in every possible way and to protect it from regional threats and aggression.