Washington DC, 30 September 2023 (TDI): Matthew Miller, State Department Spokesperson stated that the United States (US) was in favor of upholding the principles of free and fair elections in Pakistan on Thursday during a media briefing in Washington.

In a resolute tone, State Department Spokesperson, Matthew Miller addressed questions from a Pakistani correspondent during his daily news briefing, emphasizing that the US does not endorse or support any efforts aimed at regime change.

Regarding this matter, the Spokesperson highlighted that the US has consistently dismissed any allegations concerning the promotion of regime change in Pakistan.

He clarified, saying, “We endorse the concept of free and fair elections and do not take a stance in favor of one side or the other.”

“And we see Pakistan as a valued partner of the United States with whom we work on several issues. That hasn’t changed and it will not change,” he added.

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Responding to a question regarding a recent protest rally by Pakistani Americans outside the White House, he mentioned that the US Constitution grants individuals living in the country the freedom to openly express their views and opinions.

Matthew Miller further emphasized Pakistan’s significance to the US as a reliable partner and highlighted the ongoing cooperation between the two nations on various issues.

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The US State Department reiterated its ongoing support for Pakistani democracy and the democratic process, emphasizing that it has no intentions of influencing a change in the country’s government.

Concerning the murder of a Sikh leader in Canada, the Spokesperson noted that the US has maintained a continuous dialogue with the Indian government, urging New Delhi to collaborate with the Canadian investigation into the matter.