Washington DC, 1 March 2023 (TDI): The United States (US) Secretary of State, Antony Blinken joined renowned Chef Jose Andres in a virtual conversation to highlight the importance of Culinary Diplomacy.

During the conversation, US Secretary spoke about the power of food to bring people together and bridge cultural divides.

“Food is one of the greatest connectors in the world,” Secretary Blinken said. He emphasized that food can bring different cultures together. In addition, it can promote understanding between people and help to build bridges with new communities.

The Secretary also discussed the future potential of culinary diplomacy. He noted that it can help increase cross-cultural understanding and thus promote peace between countries.

Importance of Culinary Diplomacy

The US Secretary of State emphasized that this culinary partnership will leverage food-focused initiatives such as chef exchange programs, cooking competitions, and educational courses that focus on regional cuisines.

It will support study abroad experiences, research fellowships, and other programs enabling individuals to explore cuisines from around the world.

Furthermore, he thanked Chef Andres for his role in leading the charge on culinary diplomacy. In the bargain, US Secretary cited his efforts to use food to bring people together during times of humanitarian crises.

He furthered his remarks with a call for more collaboration between the US and global culinary communities. After that, he encouraged chefs to continue to use their skills to bring people together and bridge divides.

In this vein, he said that “It is cooking that can bring us all together in this increasingly fractured world.” He also stressed that it is only through engagement with other cultures, cuisines, and languages that we can unlock a brighter future for all of us.

The diplomatic culinary partnership takes a crucial step towards meaningful intercultural understanding and cooperation.

Tool for Economic Diplomacy

In addition to helping individuals understand different cultures, Secretary Blinken also discussed the importance of using food as a tool for economic diplomacy.

He noted that chefs like Andrés have used their influence to help small businesses grow and support job creation. More countries and organizations are recognizing the power of food to bring people together and foster dialogue.

The US State Department is committed to further strengthening the power of culinary diplomacy and promoting global understanding.

US Secretary’s remarks highlighted the importance of this effort, and the State Department will continue to work with the global culinary community to bring people together through food.

The virtual conversation between Secretary Blinken and Chef Andrés is part of the US government’s efforts to promote culinary diplomacy as a transformative tool for bridging cultural divides.

For the record, the US Department of State recently launched a Culinary Diplomacy Initiative to promote the use of food as a tool for fostering peace and understanding.

The initiative is designed to facilitate connections between cultures through culinary exchanges and professional experiences.

In addition, the department provides support to small businesses in the culinary sector in order to help them compete globally.

As the conversation concluded, both reaffirmed their commitment to using the power of food to connect people across the globe, celebrate different cultures, and foster international goodwill.