Beijing, 9 February 2022 (TDI): The United States Figure Skating athlete Nathan Wei Chen topped the men’s short program with the highest score of 113.97. Indeed, it is the historic and highest ever score for an Olympic men’s short figure skating program. The record was set at the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

So what happened?

Nathan Wei Chen is a 22 years old American figure skater. Chen is a three-time world champion and the 2018 Olympic bronze medalist in the team event.

In this winter Olympics games, Nathan Chen had earlier on Thursday, put up his best with a score finished 71 during the skating team event. This Tuesday, after completing two quadruple jumps, Chen finished first in the men’s short figure skating program. The figure includes, one in a quadruple triple-jump combination and dancing across the ice in his simple black tuxedo,

This record breaks the previous record set by two-time defending gold medalist of Japan,  Hanyu Yuzuru. Yuzuru  had a difficult start on Tuesday. His first jump was supposed to be four times salchow, but instead, it was just a single salchow. He is now in 8th ranking.

Nathan Chen reacted to his record by saying that he was just elated. He didn’t expect those scores. He is happy to make a world record. Nathan Chen is a champion for a reason. Nathan Chen came out as a champion in the Winter Olympics 2022 after his disappointing performance at the PyeongChang Olympics 2018.

Chen talked about his last performance in the Olympics and said that he didn’t perform the way he wanted to compete. Hence, Chen added that he got an opportunity in this winter Olympics 2022 to perform better. In addition, he said that this meant a lot to him.

United States Team at the 2022 winter Olympic Games

The US sent 224 athletes to the Beijing 2022 winter Olympic Games.
In fact, the oldest team athlete is 40 years old snowboarder Nick Baumgartner, and the youngest athlete has 16 years old figure skater Alysa Liu.

For instance, the US athletes sent athletes for snowboarding, hockey, figure skating, luge, freestyle skiing, nordic combine, skeleton, ski jumping, and more.