Peshawar, 16 November 2022 (TDI): US Consul General Peshawar, Panfilo Marquez visited the National Incubation Center in Peshawar. He was accompanied by US Minister Counselor for Public Diplomacy, Will Ostick.

Both the officials visited the faculty and interacted with the teams and startups. They took a keen interest in the products and services presented by the startups at NIC.

A session on Global Environmental Laws was conducted. The teams participating in the event also presented elevator pitches related to their startups.

The benefits of green entrepreneurship were also presented in the session for creating solutions for environmental issues and implementing them.

US Consulate collaborated with NIC Peshawar and launched a 3-day hackathon. This event focused on climate change to devise a climate action plan “ClimAct” that aims to create sustainable solutions for combating climate change.

Climate Change Hackathon

The Global Entrepreneurship Week 2022 is celebrated by NIC Peshawar by arranging a climate change hackathon in collaboration with US Consulate.

The sustainable solutions for climate change are to be devised by the entrepreneurs at NIC through the ClimAct hackathon. The parties that collaborated in this event include Ignite; a public sector company with the Ministry of IT and Telecom Pakistan.

Along with this, the Ministry of IT and Telecom, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), and LMKT (a full-service technology company) also participated in ClimAct.

Global Entrepreneurship Week

This is a global celebration of entrepreneurship that occurs in the second week of November this year from November 14-20. During this week, people and startups from various countries come together at their local, national, or even global events.

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This is done to create solutions for worldwide economic growth. This week is a perfect time to bring business and entrepreneurship ideas to the limelight. In Peshawar, this year the week is celebrated by bringing sustainable solutions for climate change.