Washington DC, 18 March 2023 (TDI): The United States (US) has recently announced additional humanitarian and development assistance of more than $140 million to Venezuela.

The purpose of this aid is to address the needs of vulnerable Venezuelans, Venezuelan refugees and migrants, and their host communities across the region.

This commitment includes more than $56 million through the Department of State’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) and more than $115 million through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

This aid reflects the US commitment to the Los Angeles Declaration, which pledged support to countries hosting large populations of displaced migrants and refugees.

To mention, on 10 June 2022, the White House announced the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection, a hemispheric agreement with a sign from 21 governments throughout the Americas.

This aims to create conditions for safe, orderly, humane, and regular migration and strengthen frameworks for international protection and cooperation.

Likewise, US assistance aims to support the most impoverished Venezuelans and their critical needs. The aid also complements the efforts of the host communities of 17 countries that have generously supported them.

To ensure that the assistance is not diverted to the Maduro regime, the US will work with trusted organizations to deliver aid.

As the largest single donor for the response to the Venezuela regional crisis, the US has provided more than $2.8 billion since 2017, including more than $2.5 billion in humanitarian assistance and $387 million in development assistance.

This aid has been crucial in addressing the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, and the US remains committed to supporting vulnerable Venezuelans and their host communities during this difficult time.

Furthermore, the US expressed gratefulness for the extraordinary solidarity shown by governments, communities, and people that have provided refuge to the Venezuelan people during this crisis.

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In the same vein, the US urged other donors to join in supporting the millions of vulnerable Venezuelans displaced as a result of the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.

Overall, this aid package reflects the US’ ongoing commitment to supporting those in need during times of crisis. The US remains committed to providing aid to vulnerable populations around the world and working with partners to address humanitarian crises.

Venezuelan crisis

In the past, Venezuela hosted thousands of refugees from the region and other parts of the world.

Now the number of refugees and migrants from Venezuela has surpassed 7 million globally, according to data from governments receiving them, making this the second-largest external displacement crisis in the world.

It has been marked by hyperinflation, escalating starvation, disease, crime, and mortality rates, resulting in massive emigration from the country.

The situation is by far the worst economic crisis in Venezuela’s history and is also the worst facing a country in peacetime since the mid-20th century.

According to the United Nations, more than 6 million Venezuelans have fled their homes to seek refuge in neighboring countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, and Chile.