Guayaquil, 17 February 2022 (TDI): The United States and Ecuador convened a meeting of the Bilateral Trade and Investment Council. The meeting occurred in Guayaquil, a city in Ecuador. The council went from February 15 to 16.

This is the 4th meeting of the US-Ecuador Trade and Investment Council. The session focused on three specific topics, which were Agricultural Affairs, Environment, Labor affairs, and Trade Agenda.


The 4th meeting showed that both states are focusing on deepening bilateral Trade and Investment ties. Amid the meeting, they discussed with entrepreneurs how to trade with the U.S, and help their businesses grow. They also discuss a range of issues related to Trade and Investment.

With that being said, the 4th meeting is not a unique collaboration between the two states in this framework. For instance, the 3rd  meeting of this bilateral framework between the United States and Ecuador was held in November of 2020. The goal of the 3rd meeting was to reach good regulatory practices, the fight against corruption, and the benefits for Micro, small and medium enterprises.

Eminent Participants of the session

The U.S Deputy Trade Representative Jayme White, US Ambassador to Ecuador Michael J.  Fitzpatrick, and Ecuador’s Vice Minister of Foreign Trade Daniel Legarda met with a diverse group of Ecuadorian entrepreneurs.

Due to a conducive environment for trade, representatives of the civil society participated in the work tables of the Trade and Investment Council. In addition, the representatives of the U.S and Ecuador discuss mechanisms to deepen bilateral trade. Through this bilateral trade, both states would enjoy many benefits.

U.S-Ecuador Trade and Investment Council cooperation

The Trade and Investment Council provides a forum for discussing a wide range of trade and investment issues. The trade and investment council meeting aims to promote economic prosperity, protect the environment, and labor rights.

As the U.S follows Capitalism, it believes in open markets and rules that ensure fair and transparent competition. At the same time, The economy of Ecuador has significant potential, with natural resources and human talent. Ecuador also has a favorable geographic location for agricultural development.

So, the United States and Ecuador are working within the Trade and Investment Council to promote trade and provide a conducive environment for investors.