New York, 17 February 2022 (TDI): Antonio Guterres said during a Security Council meeting yesterday, that the United Nations and a group of countries in Europe should work more closely together to keep people safe, fight terrorism, and help Afghanistan, among other things.

According to Guterres, the CSTO will be an important part of the UN system for a long time. Other countries will have to help the Afghan people a lot in the coming months and years.

It is based on the Collective Security Treaty, which was signed in 1992 as a replacement for the Commonwealth of Independent States and adopted in 2002. CSTO was founded in 2002.

csto will be important part of the united nations
CSTO will be an important part of the UN

It has grown from a group of people who defended each other to an organization that helps with diplomacy, information sharing, fights terrorism, and promotes peace and security in the area.

UN resolutions, reports, and memorandums of understanding have shown the CSTO’s wide range of activities and purposes. They have also encouraged the expansion and development of their collaboration.

Additionally, the institutions signed a Joint Declaration on Cooperation Between the United Nations and the CSTO in 2010. In his address to the 15-member Council, Secretary-General, Guterres emphasized peacekeeping.

He complimented CSTO member nations for their considerable contributions to the UN peacekeeping department as a whole and invited a delegation of its specialists to visit the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) in 2021 to gain a better understanding of UN operations’ preventative work.

CSTO will be important part of the UN
CSTO will be an important part of the UN

He said he hopes to get additional promises from CSTO countries to the UN peacekeeping capacity readiness system in the coming years as our links develop.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations warned about the worsening situation in Afghanistan, saying that terrorism is a threat to not only to Afghanistan’s security but to the whole world.

He believes that if immediate action is not taken, the severe economic downturn, increased unemployment, and escalating humanitarian crises will exacerbate despair and extremism.

There must be regional and interregional cooperation, as well as cross-border law enforcement and judicial cooperation, in order to deal with this.

The Secretary-General said that better cooperation between the United Nations and other regional organizations, especially the CSTO, is critical to preventing spillovers, keeping the peace, and saving lives. “We want to do more together,” he said, stressing the UN’s need for help from other countries to reach these goals.