Kyiv, 13 July 2022 (TDI): The Ambassador of the United States to Ukraine, Bridget A. Brink met the Chairman of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Ruslan Stefanchuk on Wednesday.

During the meeting, Stefanchuk expressed gratitude for the United States (US) support of Ukraine in their war against Russia.

On July 12, Chairman Ruslan Setefanchuk met Ambassador Bridget to discuss the implementation of reforms against corruption.

Ambassador Bridget emphasized that Ukraine has been able to demonstrate decisive leadership skills on the frontline against Russian aggression.

However, only with the implementation of reforms compiled by the European Union (EU) and the US, can they defeat Russia in the long run.

Furthermore, she also congratulated Stefanchuk on Ukraine’s EU candidacy and assured him that the US would continue to support Ukraine no matter what and help it in gaining membership in the EU.

In response to it, Chairman Stefanchuk expressed his gratitude for the United States’ support of Ukraine and for helping it with financial and military aid.

He said that US’s help for Ukraine is undeniable and that he appreciates their ally for their unfaltering support during these times.

In addition, he also said that it is one of the priorities of the US to fight against corruption and to see the compliance of the judicial reforms and legislation in accordance with International Law.

The US has been striving for them to work efficiently, but the government’s support is needed. He then assured the Ambassador that Ukraine’s Parliament was ready to implement all such reforms.

This is because it believes that it’s time that the whole of Ukraine worked to change their society. Earlier this week the US announced $400 Million in aid to Ukraine along with military equipment and $1.7 Billion through USAID to support health workers in Ukraine.

Chairman Ruslan, thanked for this said that all this support was not only for Ukraine but an investment for the security of other countries as well.