Ottawa, 13 July 2022 (TDI): Cameroon and Canada marked sixty years of diplomatic relations following Canada’s establishment of diplomatic relations in 1962.

The rising Quebec nationalism in the era had led Canada to open its first Embassy in a French-speaking country; Cameroon. Ever since, the two countries have enjoyed long-standing and friendly bilateral relations.

A History of Deep Relations

Cameroon is Canada’s oldest diplomatic and development relationship in francophone Africa. Canada’s first Embassy in an ex-French colony went to Yaounde in 1962.

Economic prosperity, the promotion of democratic values, respect for human rights, good governance, official bilingualism, and regional security are the pillars of the bilateral relations between the two countries.

Nearly 2,000 Cameroonians come to Canada for education annually, and a growing diaspora community has set up various organizations across the country.

There is also a strong Canadian connection directly to the heart of political leadership in Yaounde. Former Prime Minister, Philemon Yang previously served as Cameroon’s Ambassador to Canada for twenty years.

From 1984-2004, Yang served as High Commissioner when the country joined Commonwealth in 1995. His premiership from 2009-2019 is also the longest tenure of a head of government in Cameroon. He was able to greatly shape the partnership between the two countries over the years.

Canada-Cameroon Cooperation: An Overview

The two countries collaborate in multilateral fora such as the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, the Commonwealth, and the United Nations.

Canada and Cameroon have also evolved their economic relationship from one of a donor-beneficiary to that of trade partners over the years.

Moreover, Canada has also offered scholarships, and humanitarian assistance, as well as funded local projects through its High Commission in Yaounde.