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United States impose visa restrictions on Hong Kong officials


Washington, 30 March 2024 (TDI): The United States imposed visa restrictions on Hong Kong officials on Friday because of the violations of rights and freedoms in the Chinese-ruled territory.

The Hong Kong Officials named in the Hong Kong Sanctions Act are Secretary Paul Lam, Police Chief Raymond Siu, and Judges Cheung, Chan, Johnny Chan, Lee, Toh, and Woodcock.

Secretary of Blinken said, “Alongside the release of the Hong Kong Policy Act Report, which catalogs increasing repressions and details our commitment to stand with the people in Hong Kong. We imposed visa restrictions on Hong Kong officials responsible for intensifying the crackdown on rights and Freedom”.

Moreover, The US earlier imposed Visa restrictions and Sanctions on Hong Kong because of the Violation of Human rights. The US also ended their economic relations with them by US law.

Also, Warned Foreign Institutions and Businessmen to not work with them otherwise the US imposed sanctions on themselves as well.

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Secretary Blinken’s restrictions continued to take action against Hong Kong’s promised high degree of autonomy, democratic institutions, etc. Including the recent enactment of a new national security law known as Article 23”.

Furthermore, According to the Hong Kong Policy Act, Congress will take reports from the Department of State on Hong Kong’s situation.

Additionally, he said, “This year, I have again certified that Hong Kong does not warrant treatment under US laws in the same manner as the laws were applied to Hong Kong before July 1, 1997”.

Lastly, he said, “This year’s report catalogs the intensifying repression and ongoing crackdown by PRC and Hong Kong authorities on civil society, media, and dissenting voices. Including through the issuance of bounties and arrest warrants for more than a dozen pro-democracy activists living outside Hong Kong”.

According to sources, the US funded Radio Free Asia to close its bureau in Hong Kong, under the new US enactment of the law.

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