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Palestinians worldwide call for rebuilding PLO


London, 30 March 2024 (TDI): Today, prominent Palestinian figures across the globe have demanded the rebuilding of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

The demand is aimed at restructuring the Organization on democratic values.

Also, the demands involve an immediate follow-up national conference based on inclusivity and a comprehensive rebuilding agenda.

Palestinian Popular Campaign

Designated as the ‘Palestinian Popular Campaign’, it has issued a statement declaring its demands. The campaign aspires to adhere to the principles of a just solution.

Moreover, it has focused on including the Palestinian factions, civil society organizations, and independent personalities.

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Call for Palestinian National Conference

The statement has been signed by Palestinian activists, academics, ex-prisoners, intellectuals, unionists, members of the Palestinian National Council (PNC), and other individuals both within Palestine and worldwide.

The most notable figures include Mustafa Barghouti, Ghassan Abu Sitta, Moin Al-Taher, Dr. George Giacaman, Munib al-Masri, Waleed Saif, Ahmed Ghoneim, Nadim Rouhana, Ahlam Al-Tamimi, Sliman Mansour, and Tamim Al-Barghouti.

The statement highlights the reasons for initiating the “popular campaign.”

These include “continuous Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people and ongoing war of genocide against” population in the Gaza Strip.

Furthermore, it states the rationale of “the state of political division,” “stagnation of the PLO” “and the absence of a unified Palestinian leadership [which must be] able to rise to the challenges of the current phase.”

The participants have affirmed, through the statement, that “in the face of the atrocities the occupation state is committing, it is no longer possible to meet the demands of the present dangerous stage, and the one which will follow the aggression, without a unified Palestinian leadership.”

The joint declaration further reiterated Israel’s and its allies’ plans of enforcing a new security and administrative scheme on the Gaza Strip, thereby, ensuring its separation from the West Bank while maintaining Israeli security oversight.

It has emphasized that “the issue of Palestine has returned to occupy a central place on the global and regional agenda, and has opened new horizons for achieving justice in Palestine.”

Conclusively, it has been suggested that the “precious sacrifices” of the people in Gaza “must not be squandered because there is no unified representation for this great people.”


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