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United States B-2 Spirit Bombers Return from Iceland


Reykjanes, 18 September 2021 (TDI): The USA B-2 Spirit Bombers deployed to Iceland returned to Whiteman Air Force Base after their deployment to the Keflavik Air Base, Iceland, on 11 September. The Air Force announced their return on 14 September. The B-2 performed multiple multinational missions with UK Typhoon fighter jets and Norwegian F-35s.

The Bomber Task Force missions began in 2018 to integrate NATO allies and regional partners. Commander of US Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa Gen Jeff Harrigian stated that their ability to rotate Airmen and aircraft and integrate capacities with allies highlights the collective readiness.

The training mission with the Norwegian F-35s was designed to test the Norwegian F-35 Lightning II fighter jets to test escort procedures, stand-off weapon employment, and suppression air defense. Admiral Charles A. Richard, Commander of US Strategic Command, expressed a month ago that the conversion from Continuous Bomber Presence to the Bomber Task Force mission is the iconic example of Dynamic Force Employment in the entire Department of Defense and a sign of cooperation and friendship between allies.


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