New York, 10 October 2023 (TDI): United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) Chief, Catherine Russell strongly condemned the ongoing Israel-Palestine crisis.

She emphasized that nothing justifies the killing, maiming, or abducting of children, which constitutes grave violations of their rights.

UNICEF urges an immediate end to hostilities, emphasizing the need for all parties to safeguard children from harm and provide them with special protection as mandated by international humanitarian law.

Catherine Russell strongly condemned child casualties and rights violations amid Israel-Palestine violence. It is pertinent to note that within 72 hours, numerous children faced injuries, deaths, and exposure to ongoing violence.

UNICEF emphasized the urgent need for child protection along with calling for an immediate end to these atrocities.

UNICEF urged the immediate release of children held hostage in Gaza and their safe reunion with families. The organization calls on all parties to safeguard children, adhering to international humanitarian law principles.

Catherine Russell expressed profound concern over restricting essentials like electricity, food, fuel, and water in Gaza, endangering children.

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She urged all parties to halt violence and attacks on civilian structures, emphasizing the urgent need for humanitarian access to provide vital services and supplies.

Russell highlighted the disproportionate impact of war on children, underscoring their vulnerability in such conflicts.

She expressed deep concern over reports of grave rights violations against children in the Israel-Palestine conflict, with hundreds of civilians killed or injured.

The ongoing violence, marked by periodic spikes, has resulted in the tragic deaths of 199 children and injuries to over 2,800 in the past three years.

UNICEF is closely monitoring the situation, emphasizing the urgent need to protect the rights and safety of all children affected by the crisis.

The children in Israel and Palestine need a lasting political solution, allowing them to grow up in peace, free from the shadow of violence.

Their future depends on finding a resolution that ensures a stable and secure environment, enabling them to thrive and live without fear.