New York, 8 November 2022 (TDI): The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) passed a resolution on 7 November 2022, declaring 18 November of each year as the World Day for Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse, Exploitation, and Violence.

The resolution calls for all UN members, relevant UN bodies, international organizations, world leaders, religious figures, and members of civil society to observe it annually.

Other relevant parties are also asked to do so. Also, the resolution, which was sponsored by Sierra Leone and Nigeria, was unanimously approved.

Resolution introduced by Fatima Maada Bio

Fatima Maada Bio, the first lady of Sierra Leone introduced the resolution. She described child sexual abuse as a “heinous crime” that disproportionately impacts girls since they are more vulnerable. Prevention is “an emergency โ€” but doable,” she said.

Moreover, Bio told reporters that she was pleased with the resolution’s broad support. Also, “I think the whole world is standing in solidarity to say enough is enough”.

“18 November won’t be a day of celebration. It will serve as a reminder to the world that child sexual abuse is a “scourge” and to give the victims’ voices a platform,” she said.

Furthermore, this resolution promotes the need for open discussion. It says to stop ignoring victims of child sexual abuse, foster their healing and uphold their rights.

The worldwide observance will also encourage commitments to raise public awareness for victims and hold offenders accountable.

In addition to this, UNGA recommended educating the public on the effects of child sexual abuse and the need to stop both online and offline exploitation.

In this regard, Fatima Bio encouraged all nations to let victims speak on 18 November. She praised the younger generation for declaring, “we are not having this anymore.”

The resolution was credited to Jennifer Wortham who has been fighting for the prevention of child sexual abuse after her two younger brothers were assaulted more than 35 years ago.