Lviv, 13 July 2022 (TDI): United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Mission in Ukraine discussed the significance of the protection of Cultural Heritage. The mission also met with Andriy Sadovyi, Mayor of Lviv.

They discussed the importance of cultural heritage as one of the factors inculcating peace. The mission also discussed the protection of cultural sites and how it is imperative in the future too.

Since the war started, the mission advised Ukrainian professionals to prevent the destruction of cultural heritage and sites. UNESCO regards the City of Lviv as a whole as a cultural heritage.

The Historic Ensemble of Lviv

Lviv City is enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Moreover, Lviv is also one of the oldest cities in Ukraine, founded in 1254.

Lviv is home to ample architectural monuments in Ukraine. The Town Hall, the Black House, the Kornyakt Palace, the Royal Arsenal, the Powe Tower, the St. George’s Cathedral, the former Dominican Church, and the Bernardine Monastery are only some of the cultural sites.

Thus, this reflects the significance of Lviv’s cultural sites. Therefore, the importance of protecting cultural heritage in Lviv is imperative.

Henceforth, UNESCO’s mission focuses on achieving peace in Ukraine by the protection of cultural heritage and sites.