Accra, 14 July 2022 (TDI): The African Union Youth Envoy, Chido Cleo Mpemba, began her 60-day listening tour campaign in Ghana. She met with the United Nations Youth Group and also the UNICEF Representative, Anne-Claire Dufay.

The purpose of her meeting is to ensure young people of Ghana and also other African states avail economic opportunities.

The youth make an integral part of Africa; henceforth, it is imperative to provide them with an economic platform that is all-encompassing.

African Union Youth Envoy 

The African Union Youth Envoy (AU Youth Envoy) is the youngest diplomat at the African Union Commission.

The primary focus of the AU Youth Envoy is to provide the youth with opportunities and also to patronize the youth.

The mandate of the AU Youth Envoy is to advocate the voices and the interests of the African Youth; thus, making sure the interests of the youth are taken into account while making policies.

The office makes sure African Youth also has the platform to make a positive social change so that the African states can develop.

Moreover, the AU has an Agenda 2063 which ensures the youth has the social and economic platform to represent themselves.

Thus, the AU Youth Envoy is a Pan-African movement that supports the work of the African Union and its Departments.

The AU Youth Envoy is celebrated for its advocacy and progressive policies. After all, the youth is the key to development.