New York, 14 September 2022 (TDI): UN Development Programme (UNDP) released the latest Human Development Report 2021/22. This report focuses on the relationship between progress and the rise in insecurities.

This Human Development Report 2021/22 is divided into three parts comprising of total 6 chapters. The first part is the introduction, the second one explains the global challenges, and the last one guides toward expanding human development.

What is a Human Development Report?

A human development report aims to inform the world about the quality of human life and capabilities. It does not only focus on the economic development of a region.

It also focuses on the quality of life people lead there. It calculates human development data from around the world using HDI.

Human Development Index

HDI, the Human Development Index measures gender gap, inequality, poverty, women’s empowerment, environmental sustainability, socio-economic developments, and other human development factors.

Human Development Report 2021/22

According to this report, feelings of insecurity are on the rise around the globe. This trend started before the COVID-19 pandemic which sent global human development in reverse for two years straight.

The goal of this report is to transform these insecurities into opportunities by implementing smart policies using the three I’s: investment, insurance, and innovation.

Firstly, investments will create opportunities for people to strengthen their capabilities. It will help in flourishing the socio-economic conditions for sustainable human development.

Secondly, Insurance will provide human security. It will give them from unavoidable circumstances and will safeguard their capabilities. Lastly, innovation will create new opportunities and capabilities that never existed before.

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Furthermore, this report says that “In a sense all countries are developing countries, charting a new planetary course together, regardless of whether they work together to do so.”

The layering and interactions of multidimensional risks and the overlapping of threats give rise to new dimensions of uncertainty. Human choices have impacts well beyond weakened socioecological systems’ capacities to absorb them.