Geneva, 10 February 2022 (TDI): The UN Compensation Commission (UNCC) announced on Wednesday that it has processed its final claim, which amounts to $52.4 billion in total, more than 30 years after it was created to compensate Kuwait following the invasion by Iraq in 1990.

The Commission received 2.7 million claims, of which approximately 1.5 million were successful. If all claims had been validated, a total pay-out of $352.5 billion would have been possible.

It has been reported that all compensation has been paid in full by the UN Office in Geneva.

Taking note of the moment

A particular session of UNCC’s Governing Council was conducted to mark the completion of the reparations process, concluding the process for individuals, businesses, and governments who were able to demonstrate their property had been damaged by Iraq’s invasion and occupation of Kuwait under Saddam Hussein.

Kuwait and Iraq summoned representatives to the inaugural plenary session, which was hosted by Ireland. Gulf War Compensation Commission was established in Geneva almost 31 years ago – as a subsidiary organ of the Security Council under its resolution 687 (1991) – to deal with claims for compensation for damages and losses resulting directly from the Gulf War.

Nearly 30 years ago, the UN Compensation Commission was formed to compensate Kuwait for being invaded by Iraq.
Nearly 30 years ago, the UN Compensation Commission was formed to compensate Kuwait for being invaded by Iraq.
Process of making reparations

A total of $52.4 billion has been paid out to successful plaintiffs as a result of the UN Compensation Fund’s receiving a percentage of profits from the export of Iraqi petroleum and petroleum products over time.

Throughout the years, the Security Council and Governing Council have accepted resolutions reducing this percentage, originally set at 30%.

The most recent decision of the Governing Council was 276 (2017), which set the percentage at 3 %. Due to the special session, the Governing Council adopted decision 277 (2022) declaring the Government of Iraq had met its international obligations to compensate all successful claimants for damages directly caused by Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait.

The UNCC acknowledged and thanked Iraq for its cooperation with the Commission and its commitment to meeting its obligations, despite extraordinary security and economic challenges. The Kuwaiti government also thanked for its support and cooperation with the Commission.

The UNCC President will present a report on the UNCC’s activities to the UN Security Council in New York later this month.