New York, 24 November 2022 (TDI): The United Nations (UN) Under-Secretary-General for Political and Peacebuilding Affairs, Rosemary DiCarlo, warned the Security Council about the situation in Ukraine, on Wednesday.

She stated that Ukraine will ultimately fall to Russia’s “constant attacks” on civilians and basic infrastructure. DiCarlo brought up the latest round of Russian missile and drone strikes in Ukraine, which she claimed horrified locals in multiple places.

Moreover, the attacks, she claimed, “renew fears that this winter would be catastrophic for millions of Ukrainians. They will face the possibility of months of bitter cold without any heating, electricity, water, or other essential utilities.”

The nation’s energy infrastructure has reportedly been destroyed. Practically no significant thermal or hydroelectric power stations were functioning even before the most recent attack.

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Every region in Ukraine has implemented emergency shutdowns and some are entirely disconnected from electricity.

Humanitarian Help

However, DiCarlo says that there has been an increase in humanitarian help to the Ukrainian people. More than 430,000 families have received direct winter protection in the last several weeks.

Nearly 400 generators have been provided to ensure that hospitals, schools, and other essential facilities will always have power.

“The Russian Federation must immediately stop these acts,” warned DiCarlo. “The United Nations strongly opposes these attacks.”

In this regard, she demanded that “everyone who broke the laws of war be accountable”. She also continued by stating that it is against the law to harm civilians or civilian infrastructure.

DiCarlo expressed deep concern about the explosion in Zaporizhzhia; Ukraine’s largest nuclear plant. She underscored that the site’s essential machinery is still working and that there are no present dangers to nuclear security.

“How long this good fortune will last is unknown. A nuclear disaster is unaffordable,” she argued. Furthermore, DiCarlo emphasized that all Member States and international organizations must also assist.

Initiatives should be taken to prevent a man-made humanitarian tragedy in Ukraine, this winter. In the conclusion, she said that “the resulting shocks would put a heavy price, not only on Ukrainians but on us all”.