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UN Secretary-General remarks on Climate Change


New York, 24 September 2021 (TDI): During the UNGA meeting, Antonio Guterres discussed the profound effects of climate change. He added that the effects of these climate changes are deep when they overlap with fragility and conflict. We can’t expect any progress in the situation unless we invest in resilience and conflict.

The discussion was organized by the Irish members during the Security Council meeting to maintain international peace and security. During the discussion, he acknowledged the intergovernmental panel on climate change report which was released last month. The report shows that human activities are widely affected by climate disruption. It is a code red to humanity. The Secretary-General said actions are needed to maintain international peace and security.

He further added, “no region is immune. Every continent is affected by the wildfires, flooding, droughts, and other extreme weather events”. Proper climate change and environmental mismanagement is the only way to avoid this, otherwise, the risk multiplies than expected.

It is really complicated to sustain peace and conflict where coping measures are limited. However, it is never too late to act on assuring international peace and security through climate changes. Furthermore, he urged every member of the UN to contribute more in their Nationally Determined Contributions by COP26. He further said that they need to change their commitments into immediate and concrete action. During the discussion, he added the goal of a 45% cut in global emissions by 2030 and every state has to take part in achieving this goal.


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