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UN Pakistan promotes girl power


Islamabad, 11 October 2021 (TDI): UN Pakistan celebrates the day of the girl child and promotes girl power. On this day, UN Pakistan encouraged people to join The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to celebrate girl power. And also target to bridge the gender digital divide.

In a tweet, they have shared the background of the day. On 11 October 2011, the United Nations General Assembly issued a resolution endorsing this day as the International Day of the Girl Child. The world celebrates this day to recognize girls’ rights and the challenges girls face globally.

UNFPA basically works to safeguard the health and rights of adolescent girls. They also work for gender equality and to promote the renunciation of harmful practices and customs.

This year’s theme is “Digital Generation: Technology and innovation as accelerators of girls’ bodily autonomy”. This is crucial for human rights and can enhance girls’ bodily autonomy, movement building, and decision-making.

Under this theme, the UN is celebrating girls in the digital generation that are using the power of new technologies. They are harnessing this to create a better future for everyone, and show concern to those left behind by gender discrimination.

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