Abuja, 1 December 2022 (TDI): The Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN), Amina J. Mohammed met the UN members in Nigeria. They aimed to work together for a better and sustainable future and 2030 agenda.

Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria

The Sustainable Development Goals are an international initiative to put an end to poverty and safeguard the environment and climate. These goals guarantee that everyone can live in peace and prosperity.

The UN and its partners in Nigeria work on Sustainable Development Goals. The set of these 17 interconnected goals addresses the main development concerns faced by people in Nigeria and around the world.

Since the adaptation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in September 2015, Nigeria has continued to show its dedication to reaching global goals.  Nigeria also supports by taking the initiative and owning the implementation process.

Moreover, the UN is stepping up its support in Nigeria. It offers technical assistance to the line Ministries and the Office of the Senior Special Advisor to the President on SDGs (OSSAP-SDGs).

It also makes sure that the country’s planning and budgeting for development activities fall within the parameters of the SDGs.

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Furthermore, the UN is collaborating with the government of Nigeria and other partners to ensure that the SDGs are implemented successfully and effectively.

Likewise, it is working for the resources to be allocated to the economic sectors that would benefit Nigeria’s poor and most vulnerable citizens.

The UN system submitted a budget request to the Joint SDG Fund in 2019 to participate in a thorough, inclusive 2030 SDG Consultation process throughout the six geopolitical zones.

On behalf of the Nigerian government, the procedure was carried out in 2020 in collaboration with other government partners.

The UN in Nigeria through UNDP in 2019 presented the iSDG model, a System Dynamics (SD) model. It employs computer simulation methodology and mathematical modeling techniques to frame, and discuss complex challenges.