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UN Environment Programme’s campaign on World Rivers Day


New York, 29 September 2021 (TDI): UN Environment Programme (UNEP) has encouraged people to start 100 days to beat plastic pollution for clean seas on World Rivers Day. UNEP stated that single-use plastic bags are one of the highest consumed items all over the world. They encouraged people to use their own reusable bags to reduce plastic pollution.

The UNEP campaign explains that plastic is threatening the ecosystem and livelihoods. They also mentioned that because of the pandemic we are fighting a “plastic pandemic: as it encouraged the use of single-use plastics like personal protective equipment (PPE). According to UNEP “The South-East Asia region is a major hotspot of plastic pollution and six out of 20 polluters of marine litter are present in this region”. UNEP hopes to spark a campaign led by the South-East Asian sustainability advocates. This drive is a spark to fight the triple threat of pollution, climate change, and biodiversity loss that the region is facing.

This “100 Days to Beat Plastic Pollution” campaign will connect youth to adopt environment-friendly habits. Through this campaign, people are challenged to pick one simple habit that they can continue to 100 and keep for life to beat plastic pollution.
This campaign basically emphasizes raising awareness across the focus countries i.e. Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Viet Nam. This aim is to lower plastic pollution, creating a policy to reduce virgin plastic use and divert it from landfills, and promoting recycling methods and plastic segregation at the source.

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