UN Women Asia Pacific celebrates International Day for Universal Access to Information

UN Women Asia Pacific is celebrating International Day for Universal Access to Information on 28th September

New York, 29 September 2021 (TDI): On the day of International Day for Universal Access to Information, UN Women Asia Pacific shared the news on its Twitter account. In this tweet, they have explained larger gender gaps that remain in other targets and indicators under Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The tweet stated the necessity of reducing this gender gap. According to that, “it has become necessary to reduce this information and data gap for the advancement in gender equality”. According to the that “Women and girls are in majority, around 3.7 billion people who are still disconnected to the online world”. They have also shared that “only 15% of females in the least developed countries had reached the internet in 2019”.

In a series of tweets to the SDGs movement, they shared that “the presence of gender data to monitor the Sustainable Development Goals is increasing in ASEAN member countries but the problem is that still half of the gender-specific indicators still go unmeasured, according to ASEAN Gender Outlook”.

Moreover, they also shared that only 37% of women compared to 42% of men used the internet and social media to get information during the COVID’19 pandemic. UN Women Asia Pacific urged countries to “ensure natural development strategies” to promote its availability and put “this issue at their Centre”.

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