Kyiv/Rome, 16 July 2022 (TDI): Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Dmytro Kuleba had a telephonic conversation with the Foreign Minister of Italy, Luigi Di Maio on Friday.

As both Ministers discussed the ongoing situation of the Russia-Ukraine war, they also highlighted the security issues as well as the economic challenges faced by the European countries.

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister said that Europe has been challenged numerous times on different grounds by Russia. Now, the new problem of economic and food security is also on the rise.

Consequently, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister thanked the Italian Foreign Minister for supporting Ukraine.

He said that Italy’s Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, and his whole team have been of great help to Ukraine.

Italian Foreign Minister’s support for Ukraine

Italy’s Foreign Minister has been very vocal about his support for Ukraine. He also raised the issue of the rising global food crisis when he hosted the Mediterranean Ministers in June.

Thus, he has stated that millions of people can possibly die if Russia continues to put a blockade on Ukraine’s ports.

At the time, he highlighted on the importance of the weeks ahead. Specifically that it was crucial in resolving the situation.

Therefore, he said this following a virtual meeting involving Turkey and Lebanon among other countries, alongside G7 president Germany and the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization.

Furthermore, he clearly stated that they expect clear and concrete signals from Russia because blocking grain exports means holding hostage and condemning to death millions of children, women, and men.

Previously, Italy’s Foreign Minister also assured Italy’s full support for Ukraine. As well as reaffirmed, support for the people of Ukraine and the country’s reconstruction. Therefore, he highlighted unity in stopping the “terrible war” and finding peace.

Noteworthy, the Permanent Representative of Italy to the UN addressed the 11th Special Emergency Session of the General Assembly in Plenary Meeting on Ukraine summoned under Resolution 377, “Uniting for peace”.

In line with this, Italy affirmed full solidarity together with its EU partners and allies in supporting the people of Ukraine.