Guatemala, 16 July 2022 (TDI): The UNGA President, Abdulla Shahid met with the Guatemala Minister of Energy and Mines Alberto Pimentel on Friday.

The officials discussed the country’s development plans, particularly decarbonization. They also discussed progress in the plan to diversify Guatemala’s energy matrix which includes renewable energies and transitional energies.

The meeting took place at the facilities of Guatemala’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Shahid described the meeting as productive and mentioned that Guatemala has displayed leadership through its emission reduction policy.

The two officials also talked about creating new partnerships toward sustainable energy transition in the light of cooperation.

The Guatemala Deputy Minister of Sustainable Development Oscar Rafel Perez also attended the meeting. Perez is in charge of conducting processes of dialogue and consultation with indigenous people.

Pimentel also said, “We shared the vision of the country and he shared with us the perspective from the United Nations Assembly on the importance of these issues within the framework of the agenda to combat climate change to which the United Nations is committed and of course the Government of Guatemala”.

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UN and Guatemala

Guatemala is one of the 51 countries that founded the UN. Therefore, the two have maintained close relations. The UN has a history of working with the Guatemalan State and civil society organizations.

So far, UN-Guatemala relations have achieved inclusive and sustainable development. The UN helped to upgrade the municipal development plans such as economic opportunities initiatives. There is also work on social development.

The country is now a safe and violence-free society because the UN helped to develop Municipal Policies and Plans. These plans are important for the Integral Development of women during their life cycle.

The UN has helped to strengthen the capacities of prosecutors at the Public Ministry on various cases. These include due diligence and protocols, and comprehensive nationwide care for survivors and witnesses. It has therefore ensured that there is justice for all.

The UN has also met the humanitarian needs, protection, and human rights, particularly those of migrants.

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