Prague, 29 August 2023 (TDI): The Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba met the Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic, Jan Lipavsky on August 28, in Prague where he discussed bilateral engagements with the Czech counterpart.

In the meeting with the media representatives, the Czech Foreign Minister reiterated the commitment of the Czech Republic to continue its support for Ukraine in the conflict with Russia.

The Czech Foreign Minister also emphasized that the Czech Republic will continue to support Ukraine in every manner as it is not only in their security interest but also in the interest of the entire European continent.

Besides that, both Foreign Ministers discussed Ukraine’s efforts to start pre-accession negotiations with the EU later this year.

“Our only defence against Russian imperialism is active support for Ukraine and support for its accession to NATO and the EU, ” said Minister Lipavský.

Moreover in the meeting, the Foreign Ministers also mentioned events that will take place in the autumn in Prague.

The events include the 2nd Parliamentary Summit of the International Crimea Platform on October 24, which is being prepared by the Czech Parliament together with the Ukrainian Parliament.

In addition, a major international conference, Forum for Ukraine, will be held this year as part of the Forum 2000 in October in Prague.

Moving forward, the Czech Foreign Minister thanked the Ukrainian army and society for providing a security shield to the Czech Republic through their resistance against Russia.

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister apart from meeting his counterpart also addressed the Czech Ambassadors at the invitation of the Czech Foreign Minister.

In his address, he mentioned that as long as Russia continues the war, there will be a consistent need for weapons by the Czech Republic.

He also shed light on the First Defense Industries Forum to be held in Ukraine where Ukrainian and foreign defense companies will be provided a platform to launch and cooperate in joint ventures.

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He also notified that support of the Czech Republic is required in advancing Ukraine’s accession to NATO and EU membership.

Apart from that, he proposed the diplomatic coordination of Ukraine with the Czech Republic and other Baltic states in strengthening ties with African nations.

During the visit to the Czech Republic, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister also met with the Czech National Security Adviser, Tomáš Pojar.

Both parties discussed further developing the defence cooperation between Ukraine and the Czech Republic.

Moreover, he invited the Czech government and companies to Ukraine’s First Defense Industries Forum this fall in Ukraine.