Kyiv, 10 January 2023 (TDI): The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy has applauded the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Petr Fiala for the support given to them by the country during this time.

In a tweet by the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy said “Thanks to the Czech Republic for supporting Ukraine during all these times and the time of the Czech President for the European Union event in 2022”.

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Adding that, in his conversation with the Prime Minister, he also informed him about the situation at the front, the threat of escalation by the Russian Federation. The crisis between Ukraine and Russia have set to have affected Ukraine badly.

Ranging from power destruction to loss of lives. A huge loss has been placed on the country’s o economic sector. Emphasizing that they are looking for ways to ensure that countries sharing their thoughts are well-connected.

The President of Ukraine also talked about the continuous campaign being launched to provide energy support and humanitarian aid to the country. Using the opportunity to thank their counterpart for the great support given to them.

In line with the above, he appreciated the importance of Czech defense support and expects its strengthening relations saying the country paid special attention to Ukraine.

In response to the above, the Prime Minister of Czech was glad for the time they both had with each other. Saying the Czech Republic will always be happy to provide any form of support to Ukraine.

Because the relations between these two countries have been long established. There is a need to ensure that they will be able to stand firm together. He again encouraged other partner countries to stretch out a helping head to Ukraine in these times.

It is pertinent to note that, The peace necessary for the economic development of countries must be provided to all. He also demanded peace be established.