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UK Foreign Secretary’s statement on Pakistan Elections 2024


United Kingdom, 9 February 2024(TDI): The UK’s Foreign Secretary, Lord Cameron, stated the recent elections in Pakistan. He emphasized the longstanding relationship between the UK and Pakistan.

Lord Cameron commended all individuals who participated in yesterday’s elections. Also, acknowledging the significance of their involvement in the democratic process.

“The UK urges authorities in Pakistan to uphold fundamental human rights including free access to information, and the rule of law,” Cameron said.

Expressing concern, Lord Cameron highlighted serious issues regarding the fairness and inclusivity of the elections. Noting various limitations and restrictions faced by political parties and leaders.

“The new government must be accountable to the people it serves, and work to represent the interests of all Pakistan’s citizens and communities with equity and justice,” he added.

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Call for upholding Fundamental Rights

The UK urged Pakistani authorities to uphold fundamental human rights. Including free access to information and the rule of law. Also, emphasizes the importance of fair trial procedures and an independent judicial system.

Emphasizing the importance of a civilian government elected through fair and inclusive elections, Lord Cameron stressed the necessity of accountability and representation for all citizens and communities in Pakistan.

European Union’s Stance

While praising Pakistan’s commitment to democracy, the European Union regretted the lack of a level playing field in the elections. The EU highlighted restrictions on freedom of assembly, and expression. The EU called for a timely and thorough investigation of all reported irregularities.

The UK expressed readiness to collaborate with Pakistan’s next government across shared interests, indicating a commitment to supporting reforms and advancing mutual objectives.

Lord Cameron’s statement underscores the UK’s commitment to promoting democracy, human rights, and accountable governance in Pakistan, while also highlighting the importance of fair and inclusive electoral processes.

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