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China’s cultural event highlights Virtuoso Gala in Dar es Salaam


Zhejiang, 9 February 2024 (TDI): On February 9, 2024, Dar es Salaam witnessed a virtuoso gala performance by 37 performers from China’s Zhejiang region. China’s cultural event took place in the conference hall of the Julius Nyerere International Convention Center. 

Tanzanian performers joined members of the Zhejiang Performing Art Troupe in celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year. The Chinese artists showcased traditional folk music, dancing, and trick magic, emphasizing the bond between Tanzania and China. 

Additionally, Tanzanian artists from the Nimujo Arts Center and the Sonda ya Dihlu Acapella Group also performed. Richard Muro, Chief Executive Officer of the Nimujo Arts Center, emphasized the importance of preserving Tanzanian customs. 

The Chinese ambassador stressed their joint efforts in building a high-level China-Africa community for a shared future. This collaboration aims to foster mutual prosperity and development between China and African nations.

Insights from Event Guests

Among the guests was Chinese businessman Zhou Xianlong, who was particularly moved by the erhu performance. Zhou expressed his gratitude for bringing the troupe to Tanzania and shared his love for his homeland. 

Furthermore, Muro commended the Chinese for their dedication to preserving and cherishing their culture. Hamis Mwinjuma, Tanzania’s deputy minister for culture, arts, and sports, highlighted the significance of family reunions during the Spring Festival. 

On top of that, Mwinjuma extended warm wishes to Chinese residents in Tanzania for a joyous reunion with their loved ones. He reaffirmed Tanzania’s commitment to strengthening ties with China across various sectors. 

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In addition, Chen Mingjian, the Chinese ambassador to Tanzania, emphasized the auspiciousness of the Year of the Dragon. She underscored the longstanding and deepening relationship between Tanzania and China. 

Chen highlighted the growing collaboration between the two nations in trade, education, agriculture, healthcare, and culture. 

The relationship between Tanzania and China has existed for thousands of years and has been strengthening over the past few decades.

According to Chen, there has been a growing amount of collaboration between the two nations in the areas of trade, education, agriculture, health care, and culture during the last sixty years.

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