Kampala, 7 October 2023 (TDI): Uganda Airlines, in a historic move, commenced direct flights from Entebbe to Mumbai, marking a monumental achievement.

The Minister for Works and Transport of Uganda, Edward Katumba Wamala, announced this groundbreaking feat.

Uganda Airlines successfully launched its inaugural direct flight from Entebbe to Mumbai, a significant milestone in the airline’s operations.

This pioneering journey signaled a new era of connectivity and convenience for travelers between Uganda and India.

The Minister for Works and Transport of Uganda expressed pride in this historic moment, highlighting the monumental significance of this first-ever direct flight.

He emphasized the importance of fostering stronger ties and enhancing trade, tourism, and cultural exchanges between the two nations.

The introduction of this direct flight route represents a remarkable leap forward in bolstering bilateral relations between Uganda and India.

The seamless connection will facilitate a more efficient movement of people, goods, and ideas, enhancing economic and social ties.

Uganda Airlines’ direct flight to Mumbai comes as a result of extensive planning, coordination, and meticulous execution.

The airline has taken strategic steps to meet the rising demand for travel between Uganda and India, optimizing the aviation sector’s potential.

This groundbreaking development showcases Uganda Airlines’ commitment to expanding its reach and providing accessible air travel options for its passengers.

The direct route significantly shortens travel time, providing a more convenient and swift journey for passengers traveling between Uganda and Mumbai.

It enhances the overall travel experience, allowing for smoother and quicker access to the vibrant Indian city.

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In addition to fostering stronger ties and facilitating trade, direct flights contribute to the promotion of tourism. They offer an easier and more accessible means for tourists to explore the rich cultural and historical heritage of both countries.

The introduction of the direct flight route reflects Uganda Airlines’ continuous efforts to adapt to evolving market demands and cater to the preferences of its passengers. It represents a customer-centric approach, focusing on enhancing user experience & satisfaction.