Washington D.C, 6 October 2022 (TDI): The 11th U.S-Mexico Defense Bilateral Working Group meeting is to take place in Washington D.C. This working group meeting is a defense component of the US and Mexico’s high-level bilateral cooperation.

The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (DASD) for the Western Hemisphere, Daniel Erikson welcomed the Mexican Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA) and the Secretariat of Navy (SEMAR) delegations for the 11th meeting of the U.S and Mexico defense bilateral working group.


Defense Bilateral Working Group

The US-Mexico defense bilateral working group is a high-level defense component of the relations between both states.

The defense working group is based on a Defense Bilateral Strategic Framework, which provides a process for enhanced cooperation between the defense institutions of both states.

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The purpose of this working group is to discuss bilateral defense cooperation between the United States and Mexico. For this purpose, mutual priorities and objectives are set by both sides to address the shared transnational and bilateral challenges in the region.

The security of the region is a shared responsibility. In this regard, the cooperation between U.S and Mexico is of prime importance. Both states have joined hands to reduce the impact of the illegal trafficking of drugs or humans and dismantle criminal organizations.

U.S-Mexico Relations

The relationship between both states is vital and strong as they share a 2000-mile-long border. The relationship between both states encompasses diplomatic, economic, cultural, educational, and official ties.

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The livelihood and lives of people on either side are directly affected by the bilateral relations between their state institutions.

The relationship between both states continues to grow and strengthen on basis of their mutual goals for the peace and security of the region.