Ashgabat, 27 September 2022 (TDI): Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan and the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, R. Meredov apprised of the ongoing efforts to deepen cooperation between Turkmenistan and the European Union (EU) and the implementation of previously reached agreements.

In this context, he presented a report on the current tasks of the state’s foreign policy. The report was presented during the most recent meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of the nation on September 23, 2022.

Initially, useful instruments in bilateral and multilateral forms were noticed as a way to enhance relations with the EU in the political-diplomatic, trade-economic, and cultural-humanitarian spheres on a regular basis.

These domains are frequently used for meetings and consultations. Firstly, one of the top priorities is advancing positive diplomatic and political collaboration. Particularly by stepping up efforts to plan high-level talks and official visits with the EU’s top officials.

In a similar vein, it was also suggested in the report that the head of Turkmenistan’s delegation to the EU be appointed concurrently with the appointment of a new Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium.

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Aside from that, the delegation of Turkmenistan should actively participate in the Joint Committee “Turkmenistan – European Union,” the format “European Union – Central Asia,” the Inter-Parliamentary Dialogue “Turkmenistan – European Union,” and the forum “EU – Central Asia” on sustainable interconnectedness.

Secondly, in the report, it was urged to go on developing the idea of Business Council “EU-Turkmenistan” on the basis of previously reached agreements, stressing the significance of fostering trade-economic cooperation between Turkmenistan & the EU.

Additionally, it was suggested to hold frequent consultations on energy cooperation between Turkmenistan and the EU to maintain collaboration in the areas of oil and gas, power, and renewable energy sources.

The significance of the practical advancement of bilateral and regional cooperation in the areas of transportation and communications was also underlined.

In this context, concrete ideas on this track were submitted for the leadership of the nation to take into account.

Thirdly, emphasis was placed on Turkmenistan’s interactions with the EU with regard to climate change, environmental protection, and environmental safety.

In this context, the possibility of holding a scientific and practical conference with European partners on the experience of the EU in the use of green energy and hydrogen, as well as the reduction of methane emissions, was announced.

This will serve as one of the concrete steps that could be taken to intensify the work in the aforementioned areas.

Furthermore, it was also proposed to host a number of events aimed at enhancing the interaction, taking into account the importance of the cultural and humanitarian sphere in the development of Turkmenistan’s relations with the EU.

Additionally, suggestions were made to strengthen the legal foundation for cooperation between Turkmenistan and the EU.

Along these lines, Serdar Berdymukhammedov, Turkmenistan’s President gave specific instructions to continue working on the concerns outlined.

He advised doing so while taking into account the opportunities and prospects for actually realizing the potential for mutually beneficial collaboration with European partners.