Ankara, 23 September 2022 (TDI): The 8th and 9th trains carrying relief goods from flood-stricken Pakistan set off from Ankara, Turkiye on Thursday. It continues Turkiye’s humanitarian help for Pakistan amid the challenging times.

The trains consist of 57,266 boxes of relief goods for Pakistan. The aid was collected collectively from 30 provinces and 2 NGOs of Turkiye.

Within the 47 wagons of the trains is 50,126 boxes of food. Moreover, 7,140 boxes for hygiene and medical aid as well as 213.8 tons of flour and pasta are also loaded onto the trains.

On the occasion, the Ambassador of Pakistan to Turkiye, Muhammad Syrus Qazi expressed his gratitude to Turkiye on behalf of Pakistan. The Ambassador thanked Turkiye for standing by his country during these challenging times. Additionally, he stated that this aid represents how much Turkiye values its friendship with Pakistan.

The Ambassador also expressed that he was certain that Pakistan will be able to overcome this very challenge with the help of the Turkish people.

Aid by Turkiye

Turkiye is among one of the first countries that sent humanitarian aid to Pakistan amid floods. Turkiye has sent aid by aid and rails throughout August and September.

The country collected this aid through the efforts and support of non-governmental organizations, especially the Turkish Red Crescent. The Turkish people have sent tents, food parcels, hygiene materials, baby food parcels, and many other goods to bring relief to the flood-stricken people of Pakistan.

Recently, the 7th goodness train set off from Turkiye. It contains 812 tons of humanitarian aid in 39 wagons to help Pakistan.

On different occasions, Pakistani officials have expressed their gratitude for Turkiye’s help. Moreover, the President of Turkiye, Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed this close brotherhood between both countries during UNGA 77.

In his address at the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly, the President highlighted the ongoing floods in Pakistan. Consequently, he called on states to continue helping Pakistan with aid during these hard times.

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Many areas of Pakistan are flooded with water due to heavy monsoon rains. These floods have caused the death of more than 1000 Pakistanis and have destroyed the homes of many.

Additionally, now these flood-stricken and homeless people are also faced with the vulnerability of dealing with water-borne diseases. Correspondingly, many states have aided Pakistan in bringing relief to these people.

Latest in Pakistan-Turkiye Relations

Recently, both countries have stressed strengthening relations between Pakistan and Turkiye. The statement was made during a conversation with the President of Pakistan. Arif Alvi and Pakistan’s Ambassador-designate to Turkiye, Yousaf Junaid.

The President hoped that the Ambassador will tighten bilateral ties between both countries. He recalled the signing of the Trade in Goods Agreement. The agreement will pave way for achieving the bilateral trade target of US$ 5 billion.

Additionally, he acknowledged the support of Turkiye to Pakistan’s efforts in countering Islamophobia in the world, especially in India and the Jammu and Kashmir dispute.

The President assured Ambassador-designate that Pakistan remained committed to supporting Turkiye on its core issues. In conclusion, the President hoped that the new ambassador will convey Pakistan’s good sentiments to Turkiye and work on strengthening bilateral ties.

It is noteworthy that both countries have signed over 190 agreements since the establishment of relations. furthermore, both countries enjoy partnerships in various fields like trade, culture, education, and tourism.