Riyadh, 23 September 2022 (TDI): The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is celebrating its 92nd National Day today. The Kingdom celebrates the day every year on the 23rd of September.

Historical Background

After the end of World War I, modern Saudi Arabia emerged which was previously ruled by Ottoman Empire and other sultanates. Ibn Saud or Abdulaziz bin Faisal bin Abdulrehman became the ruler of Najd in 1921 (central region of Arabia).

He was also declared the King of the Hejaz in the year 1926. For the first few years of his tenure, he ruled both regions separately.

On September 1932, the Kingdoms of Najd and Hejaz were declared unified under the name of “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”, by the virtue of Royal decree.  Abdul Al-Aziz Ibn Saud then also became the first king of KSA and the Custodian of two Holy Mosques.

The day is also known as “Al-youm ul Watni” and was announced as an annual national holiday in 2005 by the former King of the Kingdom, Abdullah bin Abdulaziz. In 2007 it was declared a public holiday.

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Celebrations of National Day 2022

The day holds great significance for the people of the Kingdom. Saudi nationals are celebrating Kingdom’s 92nd National Day with air shows, and events paying homage to the nation’s culture and heritage.

Across the capital of the Kingdom, Riyadh, streets are adorned with green national flags, while major buildings and skyscrapers have been adorned with the country’s national colors.

Fighter jets, along with military, and civil aircraft, will perform the biggest air show in the country’s history in 13 major cities. Royal Saudi Air Force will also perform an acrobatic display.

This year the Ministry of Interior of KSA is organizing National Day festivities under the slogan “The Pride of The Nation” at Riyadh Front, which will feature a live orchestra and 12 interactive pavilions.

In Jeddah, a huge seven-minute firework display on the coastline, a light-and-sound display show at Jeddah Art Promenade, and air and marine military shows, music concerts, and interactive festivals will also mark the Kingdom’s  92nd National Day.